Apparently I am tolerable to some point, superficial mostly. The moment things get a tad bit intimate, the other party (without a single exception, regardless of the nature of the connection) realizes the dull tedious boring monster which has been lurking around, waiting for a chance to attack them.
However that is not the problematic part (troublesome? sure. But I am used to it by now). What bothers me most is the ways they choose to rid of me. In more than one occasion, I was told that they are not into men. “Yay, good for you, I applaud your courage.”. Only to be introduced to their new male partners in a matter of days.
A great number of my friendships ended up with them vanishing in thin air. Out of no where, in a sunny great looking morning, they stopped talking to me.
Again, given the frequency of it, the definitive culprit is me and only me. No argue there.

*Not sure even “Abominability” is a word.

I have never claimed to have the slightest understanding of people or what they do. I however can appreciate some parts. One particular habit I find absurd is the obsession with quotes and these so called motivational sentences. May be it is the dullard in me but why would “Stop being sad, be happy” end one’s sadness? If it were that easy surely there is something fishy about the whole shebang. 

State of Secrecy or Privacy?

چیزی برای مخفی کردن ندارم. شاید یه چیزهایی رو به هر کسی نگم ولی تلاش عجیب و غریبی هم برای مخفی کردن هیچ بخشی ار زندگیم نکرده‌ام و نخواهم کرد. نه چیز جذابی توش هست که کسی بخواد ازش سردربیاره، نه اطلاعات حیاتی‌ای که ادامه‌ی بقای بشریت بهش بستگی داشته باشه دست منه.

ولی، حجم و دقت اطلاعاتی که دوست به شدت مخفی‌کارم از جزییات رخداد پنج سال پیش داشت هم اذیت کننده نیست. فقط شما که این قدر روی حریم خصوصی خودت حساسی، چرا به بقیه احترام نمی‌ذاری؟