Apparently I am tolerable to some point, superficial mostly. The moment things get a tad bit intimate, the other party (without a single exception, regardless of the nature of the connection) realizes the dull tedious boring monster which has been lurking around, waiting for a chance to attack them.
However that is not the problematic part (troublesome? sure. But I am used to it by now). What bothers me most is the ways they choose to rid of me. In more than one occasion, I was told that they are not into men. “Yay, good for you, I applaud your courage.”. Only to be introduced to their new male partners in a matter of days.
A great number of my friendships ended up with them vanishing in thin air. Out of no where, in a sunny great looking morning, they stopped talking to me.
Again, given the frequency of it, the definitive culprit is me and only me. No argue there.

*Not sure even “Abominability” is a word.

منتشر شده


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