Nonsensically Boring & Useless Blabbers

  • Abominability*

    Apparently I am tolerable to some point, superficial mostly. The moment things get a tad bit intimate, the other party (without a single exception, regardless of the nature of the connection) realizes the dull tedious boring monster which has been lurking around, waiting for a chance to attack them. However that is not the problematic…

  • In preparation of Logan, time to brush up and read it again.

  • I have never claimed to have the slightest understanding of people or what they do. I however can appreciate some parts. One particular habit I find absurd is the obsession with quotes and these so called motivational sentences. May be it is the dullard in me but why would “Stop being sad, be happy” end…

  • Walter Joseph Kovacs AKA Rorschach

  • If only it were that easy to write here.

  • State of Secrecy or Privacy?

    چیزی برای مخفی کردن ندارم. شاید یه چیزهایی رو به هر کسی نگم ولی تلاش عجیب و غریبی هم برای مخفی کردن هیچ بخشی ار زندگیم نکرده‌ام و نخواهم کرد. نه چیز جذابی توش هست که کسی بخواد ازش سردربیاره، نه اطلاعات حیاتی‌ای که ادامه‌ی بقای بشریت بهش بستگی داشته باشه دست منه. ولی، حجم…

  • من نه منم، نه من منم

    ۱- آذرماهه، تلفن زدم به «م»: – سلام، خوبی؟ دلم برای جفتتون تنگ شده‌ها. سرتون یه کم خلوت شد بگو ببینمتون. – باشه. اسفند شده، تولدشه. – سلام، خونه‌ای امروز؟ دو – سه دقیقه کارت دارم. – آره تو راهم. می‌رم، هدیه‌اشو می‌دم بهش. باز هم می‌گم که خیلی وقته جفتتونو ندیدم. نوروزه، سه بار…

  • I miss you like hell, with every dysfunctional unhealthy cell in my rotting body.

  • Boring, not fun most of the times, grumpy, moody and overall worst companion one could ever possibly have. That’s me.

  • What I did instead, was drowning myself into work.